The Controller of Brushless DC Motor

Capacity to Design and Develop

We Provide DTOS (Design To Order Service) to meet Specific Application Requirements, the Major Design and Development capacity

Voltage Range :          DC 12V ~DC 560VAC 90V ~ AC 380V

Current Range:           0Amp ~ 150 Amps

Speed Detection :      Hall sensorResolversensorless

Drive Mode:                 Six Step Square Wave, FOC + Sinewave

Control Mode:             Speed Control, Current Control, Temperature Control, Position Control

Application Products:  Actuator, 2-axis Stabilizer Platform, Air Compressor, Fan, Refrigerant compressor, Refrigerator

Actuator: 28V/3A/position control 
28V/6A/position control

Pan & Tilt Positioners Control 
Pump 12V/3A/sensorless /speed 24V/6A/speed control

36V/20A/ speed control 
Fan: 220Vac/6.5KW/speed control